Saturday, January 23, 2010

Personal aircraft concept from NASA

I commute about 2 hours every day. The place where I work, Atalasoft, is about 50 miles away, which is not that far, if you think about it. Still it takes me roughly an hour to get there if I drive safely, or perhaps 45 minutes if I do not. It would be uber awesome if I had other means of transportation. Like a train... or a personal aircraft. One of Russian expats I know bought a Sesna. He describes his experience as a different measure of freedom, just like next degree of having a car. Still, it is barely practical for commute unless you work and/or live next to a runway. Oh, wouldn't that be great if someone came up with an aircraft I could park in my backyard? Wild dreams... However, I can't help to notice that concepts become more and more practical, here is one of them:

Would I like to fly one of these? Well, crazy spinning blades next to my head and speed of 250 MPH with no hope of safe landing if something goes wrong with one of the motors? Thanks, but no, thanks. I am looking towards some sort of a hybrid of airplane and a blimp...

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