Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Office game: the word

We are playing a new office game called "The Word". The rules are:
  1. We choose a victim. Victim does not know that they are victim and will never know.
  2. We pick a word. Must be one word, not necessarily from a dictionary. Slang is OK.
  3. Whoever makes the victim say that word in a conversation wins
  4. Someone else must hear the victim said that
  5. The winner must tell the players how exactly he won a game (via e-mail)
  6. His trick must never be used again.
  7. No cheating
The good stuff - you can even play it with your boss being victim and he does not have to know that.

Upgrade: when you are done with the basic game, you can try advanced one. In advanced game you make a list, every word gets a score, and if victim mentions two (three, four...) words in the same sentence you get your score doubled (tripled, quadrupled,...).

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