Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Ever since I've got married I get these less and less often. Partially because Julia cleans a lot of it, partially because she makes me clean the rest.

Few years ago, when we started living in a small apartment right under the roof of a house Cone st. Hartford, we had no dishwasher and dirty dishes tended to accumulate in the sink. On top of it, sink was tiny and entire kitchenette was only few square feet. We loved the place and landlords Susan and Jim were very nice, though.

Anyways. At certain point I said I had enough and will not do those dishes anymore. Julia said she is not my personal waitress and will not do it either. I said "whatever" and we just stopped washing dishes. We are both incredibly stubborn, so nobody cleaned the sink for three or four weeks. Then pile of dirty dishes became unbearable, I gave up and started cleaning the mess. In the bottom there was a cup full of old yolk decayed beyond recognizable condition, which had a bubble in the middle looking like an iris. So I went to Julia, demonstrated her the cup "watching her with censure" and told her about homunculus. She ran away screaming, and we do dishes 50%/50% ever since.,

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