Friday, February 19, 2010

Freedom, democracy and torrents in Russia

When it gets to bad stuff, Russia tends to follow the rest of the world with a delay of 6 months or so. Lately we saw a lot of movement around The Pirate Bay. I've been waiting for similar events around Russia's biggest torrent tracker, Torrents.RU. Not that I was amongst active torrent users, just wanted to compare. Few days ago it finally happened.

The fun stuff, however, is that Russian federals just skipped the whole thing with that redundant legal mumbo-jumbo and ordered RU zone registrar to "suspend" the domain, forcing the site to move to The way they explained that is "they are preventing a crime from happening while investigation is in progress".

Nice work, fellas. Indeed, why bother with difficult legit stuff, debates and such, when you can just cut the wire? I think this pretty much follows the trends, especially how P&M "vertical government" solves the problems. They just do it because they can, and because there is no opposition out there to resist. It looks like just a matter of time before they start doing it to people. Hey, wait, they did.

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